Virtual Schwartz Rounds

Fostering compassion, connection
and community

About Schwartz Rounds

Schwartz Rounds® offer a unique forum for convening and supporting healthcare staff, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, gathering became impossible for many of our healthcare member organizations. At the same time, healthcare workers coping with the intense stress and increased demands of providing care during the pandemic needed support and the opportunity to connect with one another more than ever.
VSR sessions have become a welcomed source of support and respite for our member community.

Calendar of events

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Virtual Schwartz Rounds are free of charge.
1.0 contact hour will be offered for each session. For more information on program nursing credits visit
We invite you to join us as many times as you’d like. We aim to create a safe and inclusive space for nurses to process emotions, experiences, and more.

What are

VSR are remote convenings that take place online using virtual meeting platforms. They provide a forum for connecting with healthcare colleagues facing challenging experiences while trying to care for themselves and others. As with in-person Schwartz Rounds, they are opportunities to connect with one another about difficult or uplifting experiences, to offer and to receive support, and to decrease a sense of isolation.
VSR are not intended to replace standard, in-person Schwartz

Rounds, but to provide our member organizations with an additional support mechanism that can be offered to healthcare staff in this time of crisis.



Healthcare workers have endured prolonged exposure to pandemic and work-related stress


Healthcare workers are having similar experiences but cannot spend time together to process and share


Healthcare workers are carrying an enormous burden and deserve the support of their colleagues and peers