The RWJF Culture of Health

The Culture of Health Action Framework

The new Culture of Health Action Framework from RWJF to turn data into action. This Action Framework was developed in collaboration with the RAND Corporation using scientific evidence and valuable input from the many individuals, leaders, and organizations we talked to across the country. The Framework translates the broad range of sectors and people involved in building a Culture of Health into four interconnected Action Areas:

Culture of Health Action Framework graphic
  • Action Area 1: Making Health a Shared Value

We’ll work to create communities where health is a shared value—where people appreciate the importance of achieving, maintaining, and reclaiming health as a shared priority.

  • Action Area 2: Fostering Cross-Sector Collaboration

We’ll support cross-sector collaboration so that health systems, businesses, local health departments, community organizations, individuals, and federal agencies all see opportunities for alignment and success.

  • Action Area 3: Creating Healthier, More Equitable Communities

We’ll work to achieve healthier and more equitable communities by addressing head-on the chronic environmental and policy conditions that hold back too many Americans from living in good health.

  • Action Area 4: Strengthening Integration of Health Systems and Services

Finally, we’ll work to transform our $2.7 trillion health care system so it’s driven by a focus on prevention, the integration of health services and systems, and the delivery of comprehensive, high-value care for all Americans.

Each Action Area includes a set of corresponding Drivers and Measures. The Drivers provide a set of long-term priorities, while the measures will help us track our progress. As we make progress in the Action Areas, we firmly believe we will improve population health, well-being, and equity.