NJNI Goals


The New Jersey Nursing Initiative (NJNI) is a leader in bringing the state’s academic and practice leaders together to transform nursing education to meet the health care demands of the 21st century and move towards a Culture of Health.

NJNI focuses on redesigning nursing education to address the challenges and opportunities of community-based and population health. With this new focus, NJNI has funded pilot projects to design and implement innovative approaches to curricular issues.

Help New Jersey Have the Care It Needs

NJNI’s efforts ultimately serve a simple purpose: Making sure the state has a well-educated nursing workforce that can promote residents’ health and care for them in times of need.

Support Faculty Development

Through online resources and face-to-face learning opportunities, NJNI helps nurse educators grow and adapt as health care evolves.

Strengthen Statewide Partnerships

NJNI is a leader in redrawing traditional boundaries between the academic arena and clinical practice, supporting leaders in education and health care as they respond to the need to provide community-based and population-based care.

Encourage Innovation and Evolution

NJNI supports pilot projects that help education and practice change together, and encourages changes to nursing curricula that must occur.

Promote Community and Connectivity

NJNI encourages the state’s nurses to take advantage of social media outlets and online resources that strengthen the profession and enhance its visibility.