Changing the Direction of Nursing

 NJNI 2.0

The second phase of NJNI focuses on curriculum and academic/clinical partnerships to enhance nursing education and move our state towards a Culture of Health.

  • NJNI is building on its foundation of faculty preparation by introducing an Online Faculty Development Program that can provide sustainable professional development opportunities for nurse faculty in New Jersey.
  • NJNI is enhancing partnerships with other organizations to advance NJNI goals and continues to have a key role in the New Jersey Action Coalition, which helps the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action implement recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s landmark 2010 nursing report as part of a nationwide effort to transform nursing and the delivery of health care in the United States. NJNI also works closely with the New Jersey Health Initiatives to promote and advance our mutual work in the nursing arena.
  • NJNI provides academic leadership that will attune nursing education to community-based and population health through educational initiatives and pilot projects to help facilitate this change.
  • NJNI continues to support and foster curricular and clinical pedagogical changes in nursing in order to prepare students for current and future changes in health care by building on programs such as its thought leaders’ summit with national experts.
  • NJNI is expanding its social media outreach through new website which will serve as an enhanced resource for the nursing profession.

NJNI 1.0

The first phase of NJNI focused on fueling the nursing faculty pipeline.