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These are some of the words nurse faculty use to describe their profession. As rewarding as it is challenging, a career as a nurse faculty member presents a unique opportunity to shape the future of nursing and of health care.

Navigating the diverse worlds of education, research and practice, and clinical settings, nurse faculty not only help prepare the next generation of nurses, they have myriad opportunities to become nurse leaders and improve health care. Nurse faculty are key players in New Jersey’s health care system. They have extensive knowledge about the latest developments in health education, technology and policy. As nurse educators, they share this wealth of information with future R.N.s.


You’re passionate about teaching; it is rewarding to do something you are really care about and get paid for. The Nurse faculty shortage; becoming a nurse educator advances the profession. The opportunity to blend practice with teaching. Nurse Educators note practicing makes them better educators and teaching makes them better practitioners.

The Right Time to Become Nurse Faculty

10.5% vacancy rate for nurse faculty

With many nurse faculty approaching retirement, that vacant rate is likely to increase. There is a serious need for more nurse faculty in the state.

"Teaching is such a privilege: to receive a salary to acquire and share knowledge. Through practice I affect a few lives. Through teaching the number of lives impacted increases exponentially."

Claire P. Donaghy, Ph.D., RN, CCRN, APN Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, William Paterson University
Faculty Voices

New Jersey is fortunate to have outstanding nurse faculty at numerous institutions across the state who serve as models and mentors for others in New Jersey and across the country.

Click on the profiles in the Faculty Voices section to learn more about local leaders making a difference.


Mentoring is an important part of developing nurse faculty. Seasoned faculty who act as mentors help newer faculty members navigate challenges and take advantage of opportunities to advance their careers in education and nursing scholarship.