Nursing Academic Resource Center of NJ

The Nursing Academic Resource Center of New Jersey was an online educational tool designed to support nursing students during their graduate study. Recognizing that successful graduate students possess rigorous writing and research skills, NJNI worked with Pearson Education to provide a skill-building program to remove potential barriers to degree completion. After completing the initial diagnostic assessment tests, students using the Center were provided with a personalized study plan for improving their academic writing and research skills. Additionally, students could take advantage of a paper review service, receiving feedback from writing experts within 48 hours of submission. The Center’s virtual platform allowed students to conveniently access their work at any time or at any internet-enabled computer. The Nursing Academic Resource Center of NJ adjusted to student and faculty needs, including providing support for ESL students and training faculty during periodic development meetings. Benefits of the Nursing Academic Resource Center of NJ included: diagnostic/assessment tool, personalized study plan, academic paper review service, multimedia-based lessons (videos, podcasts) and related practice exercises.