Nurse Scholars

New Jersey and the nation as a whole need an adequate supply of experienced and qualified nurse educators. Being a New Jersey Nursing Scholar provides me the opportunity to learn from experienced nurse educators and to help ensure the continued provision of quality, evidence-based nursing education.

Being a New Jersey Nursing Scholar means that I have the opportunity to advance my education under an umbrella of support that will ensure my success as a future nurse educator.

The New Jersey Nursing Initiative is a great opportunity to get the education and resources I need… There aren’t enough nurse educators. If there are more people [who are] passionate about the nursing education field, we can bring more people in and educate more… nurses and make the field grow.

My passion lies in fostering the health of children, so my interest is in producing theory and research related to health promotion and disease prevention in vulnerable populations and underserved communities to assist children and their families to stay healthy.

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