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Newsletter Issue 12: December 2012

December 21, 2012

In This Issue Sharing Signs of Progress at the State House Leader’s Column: Business and Nursing -Proudly Working Together NJNI’s Annual Meeting: Leading the Way Toward a Lifetime of Quality Care Mastering the Classroom: New MSNs Talk About Teaching Did You Know…? Sharing Signs of Progress at the State House New Jersey legislators had praise and … More

Program aims to curb hospital readmissions

December 17, 2012

NEWTON — It seems like such a simple idea — check on elderly patients who have left the hospital after a serious health issue — yet it appears Sussex County is the first government agency in the nation to start a partnership with a group of doctors and a hospital … More

Three-year degree programs shorten the path to rewarding careers

December 7, 2012

Three-year bachelor’s degree programs are gaining popularity as many students look for ways to enter the workforce faster. Though these programs are common in Europe and Canada, condensed programs are now attracting greater interest in the United States as students and education providers realize the unique benefits. Read More